Business Transaction
& Debt Collection

Business Transaction Activity

We have 3 main keys that become the soul in the stability of business transaction activity that are “Preventive Contractual / Agreement”, “Good Corporate Covernance”, and “Debt. Collection”.

Successful business owners rely on sound legal counsel to handle transactional and contractual / agreement matters with efficiently, cost-effectively, as well as secure from future legal risk possibility to their company / business and also for their individuality as business owner or board members.

Our experience in industry

Our experience in industry, especially on investment both for Domestic (Local) and Foreign Investment Company (PMA) gives us a wide range of knowledge that can be poured in various types of business agreements :

Business Challenges Nowadays

In today’s globalized environments, companies are facing challenges and competition in global market place. Thus, the role of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) has become more important. By strengthening the role and the responsibilities of their boards, increasing the amount and quality of disclosure and enhancing accountability of corporate executives, good corporate governance helps companies formalize business and decision making processes and establish the appropriate checks and balances. This, in turn, improves performance and builds trust between businesses and investors, employees, clients and the community as a whole.

We are The solutions

In business transaction, we realized that the most crusial factor is about Debt. which is that the Debt. is a major cause of corporate stability. Therefore, with a worldwide connection in the Debt. recovery specialist, we offer professional Debt. collection services which conducted and covered by legal action. As with standard in Debt. collection suits, our strategy is to intimate the debtor with a knowledge of the local court system and ready proficiency to the local Debt. collection laws as well as the actual condition of their property through our private investigator connections. This is even more true in a global economy whose very essence is unpredictability and change.