Manpower & Industrial Relations

Indonesia’s employment laws are complex.

We regularly provide advice to our multinational clients on all types of employment matters, including fixed term and permanent contracts, mass terminations, labour unions, strikes and employment disputes, as well as outsourcing, severance entitlements in mergers and acquisitions and manpower contingency plans. HDRA & Partners also has extensive first-hand experience in negotiations with employees and labour unions as well as regular tasks such as :

How We Overcome It

We also represented many multinational companies in implementing their redundancy plans, helping them avoid unnecessary payments and easing the potential difficulties of the redundancy process. Indonesia is characterized by its dynamic labor conditions.
Disputes between employers and workers are common in industrial relations. Industrial disputes in recent years have often ended in violence, either with workers taking out their frustration at the failure to resolve their grievances, or employers enlisting security forces to put down protests.

Finally, the Company’s reputation and credibility are the most important things which should be protected from the industrial relations conflict and its relations, because we realized that the benchmark of company is not always about sales provit and property assets, but also about human resources and how good the management maintain their employment.
We HDRA & Partners is always ready to go forward in the forefront to defend the company’s interest in this employment & industrial relations issues.